How To Get The Most Out Of Your Moisturiser

What is it you look for when buying a moisturiser? Is it anti-aging, the promise of clearer skin, or do you just get lost in a minefield of creams that offer a myriad of results?

Read on for a few valuable tips to remember when choosing but also my picks on different moisturisers options for different skin TYPES


Try not to confuse skin type with a skin condition – skin type is either Oily, Normal, Combination, or Dry/Dehydrated. A skin condition could be acne, pigmentation, redness, or sensitivity.

Always choose a moisturiser based on your skin TYPE, for instance, if you have oily skin then choose an oil-free moisturiser and in a lotion or gel rather than a cream base.


Skincare isn’t seasonal but during the summer months reach for a lighter, gel-like texture moisturiser instead of a rich, heavy cream. The winter months will always call for something thicker to offer more protection.

If you’re unsure about using an oil on its own then try mixing it together with your moisturiser, just a little trick I like to use.


Every layer of your skincare plays a role. Moisturiser is your protection. It’s the last step of your routine (before SPF) and designed to lock all the other products in. In my personal opinion, if budget is a concern your money is better spent on products that actually target a skin CONDITION over skin TYPE so keep this in mind when shopping. If it’s not, then spend away and wallow in the luxury creams. I definitely have a few I love and indulge in












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