Eye Creams – To Use Or Not To Use?

There is an on-going debate as to whether eye creams actually work or are just a way for brands to market a product in a different way. Some say it’s just a watered down version of a product but in my opinion I think they are necessary and fit into the skincare world with purpose. I’ve had a skincare routine since my teens and even then they featured eye creams when I probably didn’t need them, my suggestion is to wait until your late 20’s, early 30’s then add one in.

BUT there are a few things to consider when choosing an eye cream

– your eyes are the windows to your body so everything that’s going on inside will affect how they look.

        – Poor diet, smoking, too much alcohol, not drinking enough water, long term medication (including antibiotics), chronic illnesses and sun damage are all problems that cannot be fixed with an eye cream. It’s better to work from the inside out to solve these instead of relying on a product that you could give bad press to for no reason

  • Dark circles are genetic so again no amount of eye cream is going to get rid of them. There are however a lot of great products on the market that help to brighten and reflect light to the under eye.
  • If you suffer with puffy eyes then I advise choosing a lighter weight serum over a cream formula. Heavy creams can in fact cause puffiness around the eyes if used too much.

– Eczema is very common around the eye area so use a heavier, fragrance free product. Depending on the severity I would seek advise from a doctor before buying, you may need something prescribed.

So, the biggest question is which to buy and for what skin concern so I’ve broken it down into types and chosen a few of my favourites, must haves and go to’s. Quite often product ingredients will crossover to target a few concerns at once so you may see the same product under different categories

Dark Circles

Ingredients like Vitamin C and caffeine are added to products for dark circles to brighten and restrict blood vessels to fade dark circles and reflect light.


Some eye creams can be rich and heavy which can cause puffiness – go for a gel or serum-based product to keep it light around this area.


Ingredients like Vitamin A (retinol) plus ceramides will help to firm and repair as well as encourage cell turnover – these are your picks for anti-ageing.


Added hyaluronic acid to eye creams can pack a real hydration punch to this area.


The skin around your eyes is the thinnest and quite often be more susceptible to irritation and severe dryness so you’ll need something specially formulated to soothe and calm but also hydrate.


If you want my advice for the best anti-ageing product it will always be to wear sunscreen, everyday especially under the eye. These eye creams are all broad spectrum spf’s


There’s nothing nicer than a cooling eye mask to decrease under eye puffiness but not only that eye masks now pack a powerful punch of antioxidants to repair and protect but are also super hydrating. A little tip is to keep them in the fridge and pop one on after a night of red wine consumption…


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