Body Care – My 6 Current Go To Products

The body is quite often an overlooked area of your skin but it’s just as important and needs a similar routine (not as many steps) and TLC as your face. I for one suffer from very sensitive skin on my body which is in complete contrast to my face so I have to pick carefully.

That being said here are the 6 go-to products I love and use currently that keep me on top of my body care game.

The Body Cream by Augustinas Bader – Ok I know this blows the budget but I was very kindly gifted this product and will cry many tears when it’s finished. For me, this is the perfect body cream, not only does it hydrate and keep my skin super soft it effectively targets cellulite, pigmentation and stretch marks plus its completely fragrance-free so brilliant for my sensitive skin. It works hard for its price and I love it.

Susanne Kaufmann Body Oil – I love anything from the Susanne’s skincare collection but my favorite has to be her body oil. Using all cold-pressed natural oils for this blend not only does it support my skin to retain the moisture it also protects against environmental damage, much like using antioxidants for your face. The added St John’s Wort makes it a safe option for my sensitive skin. I use it both in the shower on damp skin but also mixed together the AB body cream for a super luxurious evening pamper.

Soap Free Shower Gel – This product I’ve used for so many years I can’t remember when I first started but having sensitive and sometimes itchy skin I like to wash with products that are free from soap. The Aveeno Daily Moisturising Body Wash is soap-free and contains colloidal oatmeal which helps to balance my skin microbiome. It’s a great choice if you have eczema.

Ouai Scalp + Body Scrub – This is a new addition to my bathroom cabinet but one that will be staying for sure. It’s predominantly coconut oil-based which we all know I swear by and also contains lots of seed extracts to repair and protect the skin. It’s fine but not too fine so it will effectively slough away all the dead skin on the surface leaving newer, brighter skin underneath. I use it either on dry skin before the bath or shower or when my skin is damp. This product is also multi-tasking and can be used for the hair too. Give your scalp (often a forgotten area) a good scrub then follow with an overnight coconut oil hair mask, heaven!

Body Brushing with the Mio Body Brush – Not only does body brushing remove dead skin cells it also massages the skin which boosts circulation and kick starts your lymphatic system. Dry brushing can also be very beneficial to banishing that pesky cellulite but for this you have to be consistent, its definitely a marathon and not a sprint. I body brush before my shower every few days and by sloughing away all that old skin my moisturisers and oils (I spend a small fortune on) will work 10 x better.

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Natural Deodorant – I decided to switch to a natural deodorant around a year ago now. I’m a bit of a reader and more and more articles were coming out about the aluminum in deodorant and how sprays can be a cause for various cancers so I found went on the hunt and found the Agent Nateur Holirose on Content Beauty. It’s a completely natural deodorant stick blended with rose and sandalwood but has an organic coconut oil base, I was sold. I’ve repurchased this a few times now, it lasts forever and I have no problem on the BO front. I don’t heavily work out so it hasn’t been put to that test but for me this is perfect.




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