The tried and tested WFH products I can’t live without


As someone who has pretty much “worked from home” my entire life getting into to the swing of this new normal has been pretty seamless for me but there are certain products that I reach for throughout the day that not only help my skin stay hydrated but keep my head clear and also give me a sense of calm which is very much a feeling we all need right now.

I have a routine that includes my morning skincare but these are just added extras that give me a boost of hydration and make feel more put together and in control – ready to tackle the day.


Hydrating Mist –

You’ve heard me talk a lot lately about mists and how much I love using them. I’ve even replaced my beloved toner step in my routine to use a mist instead. They are a product that’s so easy to use but pack a punch with powerful active ingredients. Hyaluronic acid is normally the main focus of mists and this is an ingredient that is the most hydrating, think of it as your skin having its 8 glasses of water a day. I will probably mist my face every hour so it keeps my skin plump and dewy but also stops it from feeling dry when I staring at my screen all day.



Candle –

There’s one thing I can’t live without at home and that’s a candle. I will have a few burning all day and have different scents for different rooms. In my bathroom I like fresh, clean smells but in the living areas I like my woody, tobacco-based candles. They really make a home a home if you know what I mean. That being said when I’m working I’ll always have a candle that’s infused with essential oils burning to create a sense of calm, they work to keep my head clear.



Hand Cream –

Right now more than ever I’m applying hand cream every few minutes. All this washing has caused havoc with my skin so I’m choosing a cream that’s both soothing and calming.




Ok you knew this one was coming. I wear SPF every single day regardless of whether I’m leaving the house or not. If you didn’t already know SPF needs to be re-applied every two hours so I will always have one sitting next to my laptop. I will swap between a spray or a cream because sometimes creams can feel quite heavy on the skin and will give my face a top-up a few times throughout the day. I’m still on the fence as to whether staring at my screen all day is damaging my skin so this is another reason why I”m so on top of applying it.






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