From the ultimate Sunday treat, to working their magic whilst you sleep it seems face masks these days are the ultimate at home treat with salon facial results.

From glow boosting to deep hydration there is a mask out there for everyone but it ultimately comes down to the results you are looking for.

From clay, gel, cream or sheet I have broken down each one to help you navigate the minefield to help you understand the different types and what they can do for you skin.

Under every section I’ve added a collection of masks from that type. Just click on the little image to be taken to the product.

C L A Y / P U R I F Y I N G 

Clay masks work to draw out impurities from your skin and absorb excess oils. They are a great choice for oily, acne prone skin but if this is not your skin type then don’t be put off by clay masks. Not all skins are the same everywhere so if you have an oily t-zone or have clustered breakouts on your chin or forehead then apply the masks to these areas only. Multi- masking has become quite popular in recent years so give it a go.

*A note to remember – clay masks are designed to draw out impurities so will often cause breakouts straight after using so best not to use before an important event.



E X F O L I A T I N G / R E S U R F A C I N G

As you all know getting that glow from exfoliating is my jam so once a week I will religiously do a resurfacing mask to fully clear my skin of those dead skin cells.  Resurfacing masks often contain enzymes or glycolic acid which break down dead skin and even out skin texture/tone. They also prep your skin perfectly for all the other active ingredients you apply after which will allow them to absorb deeper. Try using a resurfacing mask before a clay or hydrating mask, it will work 10 x better!

*I will say though that more than once a week is too much for resurfacing masks because you can over-exfoliate so if you use acids on other days then maybe cut back on that an add in an exfoliating mask



R E P A I R I N G / N O U R I S H I N G

Winter can play havoc with our skin, the wind is not our friend and quite often those who never have a skin complaint can get redness appearing. Repairing or nourishing masks are designed to help protect our skins barrier to stay strong through these months. They are often packed with skin boosting vitamins which will restore and hydrate and reduce redness.

Look for soothing, calming or restoring in the description.



H Y D R A T I N G / M O I S T U R I S I N G

The best choice for those who suffer with dehydrated skin. Applying a hydrating mask twice a week can really boost your skins surface giving a you a plump youthful complexion. Something I know you all want!



S H E E T  M A S K S

It seems the trend of the the sheet mask is here to stay and I’m not upset about it. The sheet mask is a silicone face shaped masks that you lay over your face with holes in for the mouth nose and eyes. They are a great way to really get concentrated active ingredients onto your skin. There is a sheet mask for every skin condition and even targeted ones packed with hyaluronic acid for deep hydration or vitamin c to brighten and protect your skin.

The sheet mask works to absorb the active ingredient on a deep level and create a barrier which prevents them being absorbed into the air therefore packing a much more powerful punch.

Also more clinics and professionals are using their products in a sheet mask for you to have higher grade skincare use at home – The Bio-Cellular sheet mask from QDEL is one I’ve used and recommend here

Can you tell I’m a fan?


E Y E  M A S K S

This brings me to the eye mask which works in just the same way. Small under eye shaped patches to really pack in powerful active ingredients to help with dark circles, fine lines and puffiness.

I’m particularly fond of using an eye mask just before doing my make up for a night out or big event. They leave you with a perfectly hydrated canvas to stop the dreaded cracked under eye concealer. Try it next time and let me know how much you loved it!

*a great tip is to keep all your sheet masks in the fridge to cool your skin after working out, having laser therapies or even in the hot summer months.



E V E R Y T H I N G  E L S E

If you look hard enough you’ll find a mask for everything these days, from the lips, to hands, cuticles and feet. I’ve rounded up a few of my favourite “other” masks below.



Are there any masks that you absolutely love and can’t live without? I’d love to hear about them… drop me a DM or comment on Instagram @donna.bartoli


D x


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