When it comes to my skin whatever I can do to keep moisture in and age away I’m on it. It’s easy to concentrate on skincare alone and forget the rest of your body. I know we’re all culprits of this but the Summer is here and getting your legs out is a given so here are my top tips for getting flawless, beautiful soft skin.

Step 1.

Before my bath or shower in the mornings I will brush my skin with a body brush. If you haven’t heard of it before it’s a method of dry brushing your skin using a bristle brush to remove dead skin cells, detoxify the skin by increasing circulation and also promote lymphatic drainage (you know I’m a big fan of that for my face). It also stimulates your nervous system so will invigorate you for the day. Hence why it’s always best to do in the mornings. I don’t dry brush everyday, I’ll do it 2-3 times a week. Gently brush your skin in sweeping motions always towards the heart. Start at the bottom and work you way up. The Mio Skincare body brush is one of my favourites to use as it has a handle and the bristles are not too harsh.

Step 2.

Follow up the dry brushing routine with exfoliating. Use a body polish or scrub to remove any skin cells left behind and smooth any bumps that might be just under the surface of the skin. I always like to look for a scrub that contains an oil base so it’s not too drying for my skin. Gently polish the skin using circular motions really working the product in. Rinse away in the bath or shower.

I was kindly gifted the brand new Amethyst body polish from Herbivore. It has a base of coconut oil and shea butter which leaves my skin so soft and smooth after exfoliating. Look for body polishes that contain these bases but also have sugar as a scrub, they are some of my favourites.

Step 3.

This is where I will shave. I hold off with shaving as long as I can. I don’t get on with waxing so this is my only choice until I pluck up the courage to get laser hair removal. I know it’s difficult having stubbly legs when it’s summer but choose your days and keep the shaving to a minimum. I don’t like to use a shaving gel because that can irritate my skin so instead I use the residue of oil left from the scrub to shave with. It works so much better for my skin and doesn’t dry them out too much. The constant exfoliating helps keep ingrowing hairs away which is a bonus.

Step 4.

Any exfoliating can cause dryness so it’s important to put the moisture back into your skin. I’m currently using a spray oil which I apply whilst I’m still in the bath or shower. This builds a barrier which will keep the moisture in your skin and leave it soft and supple. ByTerry have just released a spray oil which can be used on wet or dry skin so I’m loving that right now but if you prefer an oil that isn’t “too oily” then Nuxe do a dry oil spray. Both are gorgeous.

Step 5.

Finally when I’m dry I’ll add another layer of moisturising cream not oil. This will reinforce the barrier of moisture and sooth your skin from the exfoliation and shaving. It’ll also give your whole body a beautiful glow.




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