Whilst any skincare product you use 100% holds its own in terms of doing exactly what is was created for there’s always room to play around with them to make them work better for you.

I’ve recently felt the need to have extra hydration at night because my new Retinol product drys my skin a little more so I’ve started to mix together my facial oil with my moisturiser and the results were impressive. Not only does this save me a step (i’m actually doing two in one) my skin is loving me for it. My little cocktail (as I call it) at night is currently the Drunk Elephant Murala Facial Oil and also by Drunk Elephant their Lala Retro Whipped Cream. Im literally radiant under my sheets.

The great thing about “cocktailing” your products is that’s it fun and experimental, meaning you can play around with whichever oils and creams you like. You don’t even have to stick to the evenings. I will sometimes add one or two drops to my daily moisturiser for a perfect dewy glow throughout the day which also gives meĀ  an added layer of protection because I don’t usually add oil to my morning routine.

Try it out with the products you already have and see which works best for you. I’ve added some oils and creams below at different price points if you don’t know where to start but when you do I promise you’ll thank me for it.






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