At the beginning of March my general health had a little blip and I found myself  feeling so exhausted every day. I had symptoms of dizziness as well as the fatigue but I also felt so unwell, but not a specific thing I could put my finger on. I did visit my GP on several occasion and not to speak badly of our NHS system in the UK but really didn’t leave with any plausible answers as to why this sudden change in my health was affecting me so much. I was given the reason of vertigo and anxiety being my problem but to be honest I was probably anxious as a result of the way I was feeling and the severe dizziness. I think from then I just fell into a Dr Google hole and pretty much convinced myself that everything was wrong which was making it a lot worse.

Not to put added pressure on our system I made the decision to self medicate and find my own answers. I found a website called MediChecks that offer affordable private health checks for men and women and  purchased the Well Woman UltraVit (click on the link for the full list of every test) A blood test that will check for Thyroid function, hormones, vitamins and minerals for energy as well as long term health. It was all very quick and simple, my pack arrived the next day and I made an appointment at a local clinic to take my blood. The return envelope and postage was all included and I got my results within 2 days.

47 out of 49 tests came back completely normal, only two were out of range and both of those were my cholesterol being high. I was slightly surprised but also happy that everything on the inside is fine and cholesterol is something that I have complete control over with my diet.

I am feeling so much better now and all I can diagnose is that I probably had a virus which caused the dizziness and unwell feeling but now knowing that my health is in pretty good shape my mind is at rest. I am so glad I did it.

This post isn’t sponsored I was just so happy with the service of MediChecks I wanted to let you know. If this is something you are thinking of doing then I highly recommend it, for peace of mind if anything.




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