After filming my Morning Skincare routine for IGTV I received a few questions which I answered on the comment section but I have a lot through DM so I thought it would write a whole post on my routine, my how’s and why’s and the products I’m currently using.

So, here goes…

I always start with my Elemis BIOTEC Skin Energising gel cleanser. There is no need to double cleanse in the morning and if you’re unsure as to what double cleansing is, don’t worry I will be doing a whole video and post on that asap.

I lather the gel in my hands and gently rub to get my circulation going, rinse with water and pat dry my face with a clean towel. For a toner I’m using the Cellularose Hydra Toner from ByTerry. Toners are important to balance your ph levels after washing and give a little moisture back to the skin, it almost prepares it for the products you are about to use. If you spend a lot on skincare then you really want to get the most out of it and using a toner will allow whatever you put on top to soak into your skin better therefore you use less, make sense? I put a few drops on a clean cotton pad and gently swipe all over my face avoiding the eye area. Whilst I wait for that to absorb I will apply my eye cream which is currently the Oskia Eye Wonder. This is a little lighter than my night one and is in a serum form rather than a cream. Pump a pea size amount onto your finger tips and apply inside of the orbital bone taking care not to pull on the skin, I like to press mine in rather than wipe.

Now it’s time for my serum (or oil). This is the most important part of your routine. Serums are the products that reach deep into your skin layers and will have the most benefits. I use ones that contain Vitamin C during the day because they always make your skin glow the best. I switch these products depending on how my skin feels and to get the most out of them but currently I’m using the C+ Collagen from Dr Dennis Gross. I love how it feels on my skin. Apply to the whole face, pressing it into the skin for maximum absorption.

I allow this to soak in for 4-5 minutes and in this time I will clean my teeth.

Next is moisturiser. This will lock everything you have already put on in place. I have quite a few different options when it comes to moisturiser and normally choose depending on the weather, in the Winter something heavy and Summer always lighter. My go to is the La Mer Soft Cream. I know it’s indulgent but it really is my favourite. Again press into entire face and neck but then I will gently massage into the contours of my face in upwards motions (watch my IGTV video for how to).

Last thing and always the last thing is SPF. The most important layer for during the day. Always try to pick an SPF that has UVA in a circle printed on the bottle and apply all over the face and neck (including eyes unless you have a specific eye sunblock). I am using the ANTHELIOS XL  50+ from La Roche Posay

To summarise..

My morning routine is only 6 steps and I know it seems like a lot and you think “oh I don’t have time to mess around with all that” but I promise you it’s worth it and you will see the difference.

The products I use are working for me currently but I switch all the time so I will update these posts as and when.

I am and always have been happy with my skin, I put a lot of effort into it. Most days I won’t wear full make up, just a thin layer of foundation but that said sometimes I will wake up and think oh today isn’t a good skin day and that’s just life. On those days I will just add a little more moisture to it.

This is just my morning routine so will be uploading my night time one very soon. I am trying out a new product at night so want to wait a little while to see results before I talk about it with you.

Beauty and skincare is a huge passion for me and I want to talk about it so much more on here and my IG so if there’s anything you wish to ask me or see then leave me a comment on the section below.

Have a great day x


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