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There are a few things that I just cannot live without and one of them is my nail varnish, I change the colour at least twice a week and also depending on what I am wearing I will change it again. Although I have well over 100 different brands of polishes in every colour my favourite has to be Chanel Le Vernis, I have been collecting them for years so I thought I’d show you the ones I have at the moment and tell you about some of my favourites…

From this collection of reds the Rouge Noir is my ultimate favourite and go to colour, it’s my fifth bottle. It’s one of the most popular and iconic colours Chanel released, I love it and I’m sure most of you will have this in your nail varnish box!

The Khaki Vert is part of the Khaki’s Collection launched for Vogue’s Fashion Night Out in 2010, I managed to get my hands on this colour but the waiting list was too long for the others! Particuliere is another favoutite and something I wear quite a bit during the winter, it is part of the COULEURS CULTE DE CHANEL collection.

Sometimes I like to have a little shimmer in my polishes and these ones are just beautiful, the Pearl Drop, Black Pearl and Quartz are creamy shimmers and the Graphite is pure metallic glitter. The Black Satin is a flat colour but so glossy on, it’s another iconic shade and also part of the COULEURS CULTE DE CHANEL collection.

These are all my fun summer shades, the Bel-Argus is my latest purchase from Cannes, I always like to buy a colour to remind me of holidays!

Some of my polishes are part of limited edition seasonal collections but most of them are available all year round. Chanel recently launched the COULEURS CULTE DE CHANEL, five cult nail colours which capture the essence of Chanel and they are Rouge Noir, Particuliere, Black satin, Beige and Pirate. I have the first three but no doubt will be adding the other two soon!
To pro-long the wear and shelf life of my nail varnishes I store them all in the fridge to stop them becoming gloopy. I always use a base coat before and finish with a top coat, I use Seche Vite here & here. If you ever find that the polish becomes too thick and hard to apply I also use Seche Vite Restore, just a couple of drops in the bottle and the polish is as good as new.
Keep a look out for all these colours in future posts, I will be wearing them!!
Which ones are your favourites?

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