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Hello and Welcome to my Blog, The Stylemma!

I have wanted to start this blog for a long time now as my love for all things fashion is pretty much my life. From a young age what I was wearing featured daily rows with my mum, it had to be perfect, always laying out exactly what I wanted to wear the next day, the night before!

Shopping is definitely the way to my heart and my wish list is never ending, as soon as one thing is crossed off, another is added. It drove my parents crazy and now my partner too.

I have followed fashion blogs for many years and always felt inspired to have one of my own, so after long conversations and many late nights brainstorming The Stylemma was born and with Marcos in tow as the photographer, I will share with you my life of outfits, beauty tips, new purchases and travels, all in one place.

So the journey starts hereā€¦

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